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The LSFF vision statement ​– Liberating people from scars that have limited their greatness. Living scar free and breaking free from the prison of isolation.


  • To achieve scar free healing within a generation.

  • Giving hope to the hopeless and faith to those fighting against all the odds.

  • Hope and life beyond the mirror (May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears – Nelson Mandela).


  • Envision restoring the beauty of individuals with skin conditions to enable them to be who they are.

  • Creating a world where the deepest scars can be mended, restoring courage, confidence, renewed strength, dignity and self-love to those disfigured by circumstances.

  • Living scar free is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to providing medical treatment and support for scar victims through their recovery.

  • We deal with people who have gotten scars through traumatic events such as accidents, abuse, violent crimes or self-harm.

  • We want to educate everyday people on treating burns and burn related injuries as well as providing the support they need to recover physically and heal emotionally thereby limiting the impact on their daily lives.

  • We want to educate people with scars die to trauma or violence that these scars are easily treatable with new therapies available.

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Scars can have a physical and physcological impact on a person.The Live Scar Free Foundation aims to liberate people from scars that have limited them.

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