A large number of patients suffer from scars due to injuries, accidents, surgeries, burns and diseases such as acne and keloids. The leadership of the Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery International league (DASIL) has therefore determined that it would be beneficial to institute a meaningful, sustainable and impactful program on scars and their treatment. The goal of this program called the DASIL SCAR FREE INITIATIVE (DSFI) would be to be of service to its members, communities they live in and humanity at large.

The operative group of DASIL SCAR FREE INITIATIVE DOCUMENT will consist of two DASIL members from each continent. The current members of the operative group are listed below: –

Africa – Dr Marc Roscher, Dr Des Fernandes

Asia – Dr Somesh Gupta, Dr Atula Gupta, Dr Su Phyo Aung

Europe – Dr Matteo Tretti Clementoni

United Sates of America – Dr Michael Gold, Dr Gilly Munavalli, Dr Sheldon Pollack

The DSFI aims to implement the following activities as a means to train doctors in scar treatments: –

  1. Conduct annual DSFI meetings during every DASIL conference
  2. Conduct hands on courses on scar management before or after each DASIL annual meeting
  3. Offer fellowships to dermatologists or plastic surgeons within hospitals or clinics of the members of the scar free initiative operative group
  4. Create an online platform where doctors from around the globe can send difficult cases for opinion and management advise. The operative group will give suggestions and management strategy on these cases within two weeks
  5. Travel to developing countries and conduct scar camps to raise awareness about treatments with lasers and scar revision surgeries
  6. Propose the month of July as SCAR FREE MONTH and 11th July as the INERNATIONAL SCAR FREE DAY. The operative group shall endeavor to motivate all doctors to treat scar patients free on this day henceforth.


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